How to create the perfect Wimbledon picnic

It’s that time of year again, folks! Sales of strawberries, cream, scones, Pimm’s and cucumbers rocket as Wimbledon fever spreads like wildfire across the UK. The Little’s family have always been big tennis fans, so we’ve put together a list of things you’ll need for the perfect Wimbledon picnic to sit and watch the tennis with. Now it’s time for you to show off your perfect serve!


1. Pimm’s ice popsicles by our friends at Pops

We’ve been watching Pops since day one, it’s safe to say we’re huge fans of their grown-up ice pops featuring the nation’s favourite summer boozy flavours. This collaboration is a Wimbledon winner, we’ll definitely be popping a few of these in the freezer ahead of the final.

Little’s Insider: They’re only 32 calories each! Like our coffee, these are also available in Ocado.

Pops Pimm's Ice lolly

2. Strawberry Crush by fellow Devonians at Luscombe Drinks

Made using organic strawberries, Strawberry Crush is best served with afternoon treats such as scones with clotted cream and jam, a Victoria sandwich, shortbread, meringues and cupcakes. For us, this tastes like Wimbledon in a glass!

Little’s Insider: These have no added sugar and are available through Abel & Co. They have many more delicious flavours which you can explore on their website.

Strawberry crush Luscombe Drinks Wimbledon

3. A colourful blanket from Atlantic Blankets in Cornwall

At the base of every great picnic is a great picnic blanket. These guys have an amazing range of colourful, patterned blankets, throws and scarves which are all inspired by the Cornish landscape in which they live.

Little’s Insider: A family business who use recycled wool. Go check them out!

Atlantic Blankets Wimbledon Picnic

4. Island Coconut Iced Coffee by Little’s

As we have all experienced, tennis matches can go on a fair well (the longest ever tennis match at Wimbledon was in 2010 at 11 hours 05 minutes) so why not make up a batch of infused iced coffee sing our Island Coconut Infused Coffee to keep you geared up to cheer on your favourite players? See how to make it here.

Little’s Insider: Refined sugar-free, natural coconut extract and tastes great made vegan with Minor Figures oat milk.


Island Coconut Little's coffee Wimbledon

5. Herby Open Cucumber Sandwiches

Let’s face it, cucumber is one of the blandest of ingredients, so we’re throwing in the towel with the traditional cucumber sandwich for our Wimbledon picnic. Why not try this delicious herby version from Misfits Market. This immediately caught our eye as in Scandinavia where the Little’s family grew up, they are famous for their open sandwiches. Yum!

Little’s Insider: A fresh, light and healthy lunch inspired by our Scandi roots.

Cucumber Sandwich Wimbledon

6. Swiss Chocolate Mocha Brownies

Every good picnic needs dessert or something temptingly sweet to round off the palate. What better than these decadent chocolate brownies with a touch of energising coffee? Sure to be met with smiling eyes at this year’s Wimbledon picnic!

Little’s Insider: Add strawberries for an added Wimbledon extra!


Swiss Chocolate Brownies for Wimbledon

7. Tennis Chat

Finally, the tennis conversation is a biggie. If you want to fill your brain with some staggering stats on this year’s Wimbledon, including the sheer quantities of strawberries consumer, this is well worth a read. Or head here and here to find out all the phrases you’ll need to bluff your way into being a Wimbledon pro.


Enjoy this year’s Wimbledon!

Team Little’s