Sustainability and ethics

At Little's we care about our impact on the environment and the quality of our coffee. We know that convenience doesn't have to mean compromise.

Responsible sourcing

We’re proud to have our own ethical trading policy that we as a company, and all our suppliers, adhere to. We carefully select who we buy coffee from to ensure farmers are paid a fair price and that you get the best-quality coffee, knowing it’s been ethically sourced. You can read our ethical trading policy by clicking the link below.

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Sustainable packaging

In 2019, we made the shift to using 100% plastic-free packaging for our jars, which means that you can recycle your jars and your Nespresso-compatible capsules at home in a totally hassle-free way. Did you know, our products were the first 100% plastic free instant coffee jars to hit the supermarket shelves? 

Why did we do it? Well, we realised that it’s all well and good doing our bit as individuals but to see real change and help the environment, we need to start forcing business, countries and governments to take action, too. Even though drinking coffee at home is much better for the environment than using a single-use takeaway cup, we still want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to reduce our use of single-use. Catchy! Read all about our plastic-free jars on our blog.


Naturally then, when we came to launching our Nespresso-compatible pods, it was important for us to source a plastic-free solution which led us to using aluminium. The most recycled – and recyclable – material out there, aluminium can be recycled back into itself over and over again in a true closed loop, while retaining its properties indefinitely. Read about our 100% aluminium coffee pods on our blog.

Our recyclable pods

Did you know that boiling the kettle takes up more energy than the whole instant coffee making process? Read our article on the lifecycle of instant coffee.

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