Swiss Chocolate Mocha Smoothie Recipe


We’ve discussed before how coffee can help both before and after working out, so we’ve been playing around with different ways of consuming caffeine with other ingredients that will also help provide energy, help repair tissue and fight fatigue pre or post workout.

Having something after a workout to ensure your body gets all the goodness it needs to recover after working intensively for a long period of time is always good practise. Protein shakes are usually a go-to staple drink for after the gym because they’re quick, easy and include the necessary ingredients to help your muscles repair. Our friend and long-term Little’s fan Sarah’s Healthy Bakes has gone one step further and made an awesome mocha smoothie that will have you feeling even better for pushing yourself so hard!

Health Benefits of Mocha Smoothie

Bananas: Full of potassium which is amazing for regulating your blood pressure. They’re also great at replacing the nutrients in your body and preventing post-workout inflammation.

Whey Protein: A great source of high-quality protein which promotes muscle growth and lowers blood pressure. It also has an awesome range of essential amino acids.

Caffeine: Helps with faster recovery time, keeps you focussed as well as increasing your power and endurance during your workout.


1 Banana

1 Sachet Whey Box Chocolate Protein

1 heaped tsp. of Little’s Swiss Chocolate coffee (dissolved in 1 tbsp boiling water)

1 squeeze of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

2-3 ice cubes


Start by dissolving Swiss Chocolate coffee in 1 tablespoon of boiling water in a cup.

Whizz up the banana, whey protein, diluted coffee and ice cubes in the blender until smooth

Pour the Sweet Freedom Choc Shot down the sides of the glass followed by your deliciously chocolatey smoothie mixture


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