In the Spotlight: Little’s Island Coconut Coffee

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You must have noticed that the world is turning coconuts?! If not, then frankly, we don’t know what planet you’ve been on! From coconut coffee to coconut hair masks, it’s everywhere you look!

The World Has Gone Coconut Mad!

Since 2010, the number of coconut flavoured food and drink products brought to market globally has increased by 121%, and it’s not slowing down either. The market is growing at 17% per year! Despite its rapid popularity, coconut is definitely not a fad. It’s vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and makes the perfect dairy alternative thanks to its creamy quality. Coconuts are full of hydrating water and antioxidants, whilst coconut fat is the kind they call ‘good fat’! Not to mention it tastes hella good!

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What is Coconut used for?

You may not know, but a coconut is a seed and a very versatile one at that. It can produce many different products including; milk, water, sugar, flour, oil, flesh and butter. Coconut is mainly used in health, beauty, cosmetics, cooking, baking and aromatherapy. It’s basically no.1 on the useful chart, making it a bit of a hero if you ask us. It balances hormones, improves digestion, moisturises skin, conditions hair, reduces cellulite, decreases wrinkles and age spots, balances blood sugar, improves energy, improves Alzheimer’s, stabilises cholesterol, burns fat and reduces sweet cravings (plus much more). In our eyes, coconut is the cat’s pyjamas.

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Coconut & Coffee

Coconut has been described to have flavours from nutty and toasted, through to milky and creamy. To us here at Little’s Coffee, those flavours sounded like the perfect combination to compliment our smooth Arabica coffee. On top of that, the smell and taste of coconut bring back fond memories of our trip to the Cayman Islands a couple of years ago (our friends live there), so we just had to start working on a coconut coffee recipe that brings this crazy new trend into our range.

The creaminess of the coconut adds a smooth and luxurious texture to a cup of joe. For this reason, coconut and coffee seem to be a match made in heaven. Many say it’s our best work yet, and we’d be lying if we didn’t agree with them.

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– “Bought this the other day from @hollandandbarrett best flavour yet!!”


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– “Favourite flavour!”


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– “Got 6 of your coffees for my birthday on Thursday and I am in love! The coconut and vanilla – delicious! Beats any high street coffee shop!”


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– “This is by far my favourite flavour!!!”


Where can I buy Little’s Coconut Coffee?

It’s time to kick back, slow down, dust off your deck chair and get ready to relax. Made with 100% smooth Arabica coffee and infused with natural coconut extract, our Island Coconut flavour will have you on island time in no time. You can purchase our Island Coconut coffee in selected Holland & Barrett stores (see here for a list of stores) or on our website here.

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