Coffee & Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

The sun seems to have decided to show up this summer so we have hooked up with the brilliant Oppo Ice Cream to bring you an extravagant chocolate AND coffee milkshake recipe. We love working with Oppo because not only do they create the most delicious ice cream, they are also super low in calories, sugar and fat which just makes them even tastier! This recipe is really easy to make and we’ve chosen to make it even more chocolatey with our Swiss Choc Flavour Infused Instant Coffee but you can use whichever flavour takes your fancy.

Ingredients (Makes 2 Glasses)

1 x cup milk (dairy alternatives work really well)

2 x tsp Swiss Choc Instant Coffee

4-5 Scoops Oppo Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut Ice Cream

Any toppings you might want


  1. Spoon the instant coffee granules into a small glass and add enough water to dissolve the granules. When stirred it should make a nice thick coffee mixture.
  2. Pour all ingredients into a blender and mix until really nice and smooth.
  3. Pour into glasses and top with whatever you fancy! We chose to top it off with another scoop of choccy ice cream and some chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

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