We have a new website!

It’s finally here – our new website is finally live! For those of you who have noticed the ghastly temporary page that’s been in its place for a few months, we apologise. We’ve been super busy not only designing and building the site, but also building our very own online shop. For the first time ever you’ll now be able to buy our marvellous products direct from us. We also have this blog which we’ll do our best to keep plump with content. All this has been made possible by the ludicrously talented folk at Illicit Web Design in Exeter. I can but stand in awe of their interweb wizardry.

So why has it taken us so long to set up our own online shop? Well up until earlier this year all our online sales were being handled by Amazon. However, due to Amazon being a bit naughty we felt they weren’t the sort of company we wanted to trade with. We therefore took the decision to stop trading with them and service our customers ourselves. We look forward to supplying you!