Vegan Mocha Protein Shake Recipe

Vegan mocha protein shake recipe - Little's Coffee

If you’re looking for an indulgent yet healthy treat to try out, we think we’ve got just the ticket! This Vegan Mocha Protein Shake is perfect for refuelling post-workout or satisfying that sweet tooth after dinner. Full of natural sweetness from banana, date and vanilla, this shake is jam packed with energy, protein and flavour. You can supercharge the protein even more by adding pea protein or your chosen protein supplement.

This badass recipe was created by our brand ambassador and coffee enthusiast Charley’s Health. Charlotte is the guru of anything health, food and fitness related. She’s a qualified personal trainer and is hoping to begin studying nutrition at some point later this year. We recommend you follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to have a constant feed of beautiful (and not to mention super healthy) recipes in your life. Safe to say she’s nailing the healthy balance.


1 banana
2 tsp cacao powder
Dash of vanilla extract
Tsp of Little’s vanilla coffee
1/2 cup almond milk
1 large date
About 10 cashew nuts

1 tbsp cacao powder
1 tbsp date syrup
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
Splash of coconut milk

Vegan mocha protein shake recipe - Little's Coffee


Add all of the ingredients into the food processor and blend until really smooth and creamy. If you want to get a little fancy, you can top the shake with some coconut cream and a drizzle of homemade chocolate sauce!

To make the sauce, combine all of the above ingredients and add in almond milk until it reaches a thick, pouring consistency.

Vegan Mocha Protein Shake - Little's Coffee