UK Coffee Week: Facts About Water & Coffee

UK Coffee Week


It’s UK Coffee Week, folks! Not heard of it? Well, UK Coffee Week is a national celebration of coffee which helps raise funds for the communities that grow it for all us coffee drinkers! 100% of donations made during the week are given to Project Waterfall, the charity who help bring clean drinking water and sanitation to coffee growing communities. To raise awareness about the coffee communities, we want you to know what really goes on behind the scenes of your daily cup of Joe!


Facts you need to know about water and coffee

1. “Water is intrinsically linked with the creation of a perfect cup of coffee. From the 140 litres of water it takes to produce a single cup of coffee to creation of the final cup, water is integral to the creation of a perfect cup of coffee”

2. Did you know that over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world each year? That’s crazy, right?

3. “90% of coffee comes from third world countries where over 60% of people lack access to safe water.” This is where Project Waterfall come in. They believe that having clean water and sanitation will help break the poverty cycle.

4. Coffee needs more water to grow than tea, sugar, wheat and barley.

5. A cup of coffee is 99% water.

6. Coffee plants really love water. The regions where the farms are can get anywhere from 75 inches of rainfall to almost 175 inches annually!

7. Good coffee needs good water. It’s super important for coffee to be brewed with good quality water to make your cuppa perfect.

We think it’s super important that everyone knows more about where their coffee is from and how much effort is put in by the people growing it. Knowing that the majority of coffee growing communities are in developing countries makes what Project Waterfall are doing so much more incredible.

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