Little's Valentine's coffee lovers gift box

Coffee & Chocolate gift box

What is it they say about coffee and chocolate? We've created the ultimate gift for coffee lovers – a jar of our Colombian premium instant coffee, packed with hazelnut flavour, paired with a bar of cold brew coffee dark chocolate from Coco Chocolatier. Has there ever been a better combination? Specially wrapped with tissue paper and a postcard you can personalise, this is the perfect gift for your favourite coffee lover.

Coffee This excelso grade coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia comes packed with naturally distinct hazelnut flavour. Thanks to the high growing altitude the coffee has a really good, clean acidity and a lovely sweetness. Serve with milk to enjoy the creamy nutty notes, or serve black to experience this coffee's clean finish. This jar contains 50 servings - 100g.

Coco chocolate Cold Brew Coffee is an uplifting combination of dark chocolate and locally roasted coffee. Working with an Edinburgh-based roaster we choose the best seasonal coffee beans and create beautiful flavour profiles. Nuts, blood orange and caramels are among the few notes that you might discover in this energising piece of chocolate. 61% single origin dark chocolate.

80g - Vegan  Chocolate origin: Colombia Artwork: Rachael Hood


Coffee: Freeze-dried Arabica Coffee

Chocolate: Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Non-GMO Soya Lecithin, Vanilla Extract, Coffee (<1%). Allergens: Soya. No gluten containing ingredients.
Vegan friendly
Gluten free
100% Arabica coffee