Decaf Rich Hazelnut Flavour Infused Instant Coffee

Our chemical-free Hazelnut Decaf Instant Coffee contains no added sugar, is just 4 calories a cup and tastes freakin’ awesome. Right on! Finally, you can enjoy your favourite cuppa long into the evening whilst making sure you still get that essential good night’s sleep. If caffeine leaves you feeling jittery or keeps you buzzing when it’s time to hit the sack, then a smooth hazelnut decaf instant coffee is sure to get you well on your way to dream land. Don’t worry though, it’s still just 4 calories a cup, has absolutely no added sugar, so you can be sure you’re only drinking the good stuff. Our decaf coffee is gently decaffeinated using CO2, so yippee to no nasty chemicals or solvents! Sleep well, folks.


Freeze-dried Arabica coffee, flavouring. No allergens - suitable for those with nut allergies.
No added sugar
4 calories a cup
Chemical-free decaf process
100% Arabica coffee
No compromise on flavour
Vegan friendly
Lactose & gluten free