Infused Instant Coffees

Inspired by speciality coffee roasters in California, Little’s began with Leila and Henry roasting their own beans and infusing them with flavour extracts from their favourite ingredients. Today, our products have evolved to suit peoples busy lifestyles as our infused flavoured instant coffees tend to steal the show.

However, we hate the idea of instant coffee being nothing more than a lacklustre quick fix for your caffeine cravings. For this reason, we go to great lengths to source the best tasting coffee, which is expertly slow-roasted and freeze dried to lock in all of its awesome flavour. We’ve then taken this super high quality coffee and gently infused it with some of our family-favourite flavours to bring you a unique instant coffee experience. Our 100% premium Arabica coffee beans already ensure a beautifully fragrant, sweet and full bodied taste, but if you want to take your taste buds to the next level then our flavoured instant coffee is the way to go. There are no gimmicks, no artificial ingredients, no added sugar and certainly no bitter aftertaste. Just great tasting coffee.

We don’t call ourselves The Flavour Enthusiasts for nothing. We have a whole range of delights to suit all tastes. For our fellow coffeeholic-chocoholics we have our comforting and creamy Chocolate Caramel infused instant coffee as well as our Chocolate Orange infusion, flavoured using the naturally sweet and scrumptious orange skin. We also have the simple yet indulgent Swiss Chocolate infusion made from the highest quality dark chocolate extract. If you’re nutty for nuts why not try our Rich Hazelnut flavoured instant coffee, which has been in the Little’s recipe book from day one, or the Maple Walnut flavour infusion, inspired by our New England family favourite – maple walnut pie. We also offer some luxurious liqueur flavoured instant coffees that capture the classic tastes of Amaretto, Havana Rum or Irish Cream, only without the booze (sorry guys).

All of our flavoured instant coffees are super easy to make (and super tasty) so you have more time to enjoy the good things in life. Our aim is to bring you an appetising alternative to your average cup of joe, bringing you exciting flavours in a hassle free form. Basically, we just want our fabulous coffee to liven up your cup a little and make you smile!