Peanut Mocha Shake Recipe by Nourishing Amelia

Peanut butter mocha shake recipe

If you’re anything like us, then you love getting the most out of your pre-workout snacks. Our brand ambassador Nourishing Amelia has whipped up an awesome recipe for a Peanut Mocha Shake like no other you’ve tried before… This is one for you all to try out at home to give you that little extra boost you need to power you through your workout.

Using our very own Chocolate Caramel infused coffee, Amelia has created a shake that has everyone wanting more! It’s super healthy and has tonnes of health benefits…

The ingredients and their benefits

We’ve spoken about how coffee and exercise work together before in this blog post. Caffeine is an awesome fuel when it comes to faster recovery after your workout as well as alertness, increased endurance and even helps increase your focus and power.

Cacao is our favourite. It’s a well-known fatigue fighter and a great source of iron which tastes super yummy. It is even a natural mood elevator and also known as an anti-depressant too!

In this shake, we used peanut butter (but you can swap with any nut butter of your choice) which is packed with health benefits including healthy fats (YAY) and also has slow releasing energy to help power you through the day.

Everyone knows that bananas are a key ingredient to any shake, they give it that texture we love, help us reach our 5 a day and have slow releasing energy too.

Making shakes sweet can sometimes be a bit tricky when you have a few bitter things in there, but our Chocolate Caramel infused coffee along with a bit of coconut sugar really does the trick. There’s no refined sugar in this shake so you don’t have to worry about any nasties whatsoever.

Another element of sweetness in here is dates. Now these bad boys are the bee’s knees when it comes to goodness, they help to regulate your digestive system, boost your energy and strengthen your bones!

And the last (but definitely not least) ingredient is oat milk. Now we’ve used Minor Figures Oat Milk which rocks, but you can use any other plant-based milk here. Oat milk contains 10 minerals and 15 vitamins so you’re definitely on to a winner here to nail that workout.

We can hear you say, “all that from a shake?” You betcha! So, here’s how to make it…


1/2 banana
4g cacao
4g of Little’s coffee dissolved in 160ml water
20g peanut butter
15g coconut sugar mixed with 10ml water
80g ice
13g dates
200ml milk


Start by dissolving Little’s Chocolate Caramel Infused Instant Coffee in 160ml hot water

Add the coffee and oat milk to a blender along with all the other ingredients

Blend until smooth and creamy!

We hope you enjoy this delicious Peanut Mocha Shake, folks! Be sure to share your creations and tag us (@wearelittles) and Nourishing Amelia (@nourishingamelia) in your posts!