Our Premium Origin Instant Range Gets a New Look!

Premium Instant Coffee - We Are Little's

Our range of premium origin instant coffees have often fallen in the shadow of their fun, flavoured cousins. Well, not anymore. We’ve given this awesome range a well-deserved face lift and now they are dressed to impress. Bright, eye-catching and colourful packaging worthy of any Instagram feed. The premium gold foiling communicates the quality of our ingredients, which is reflected in the same great-tasting coffee inside.

The Inspiration

Premium Instant Coffee Packaging Design - We Are Little's

Each pattern and colour palette draws inspiration from its source of origin or roast style. Terrazzo Italian flooring for the Italian Rich Roast, tribal African patterns for the Ethiopian, an abstract design of Colombia’s national flower: the orchid for the Colombian, and a native tropical leaf for the Brazilian Decaf.

Packaging Inspiration - Premium Instant Coffee

Why is our coffee different?

Some people think it’s ok to use any old beans to make instant coffee. We don’t agree. That’s why we use really excellent, 100% Arabica beans to make ours. People are busy, and convenience shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. That’s why we created this coffee. Convenient just got tasty. Hurrah!

Trust us, this ain’t no Grandpa’s old instant. Discover the full Premium Origin Instant Coffee Range today!