How to order a coffee in ten languages

Coffees are ordered millions of times a day, all over the world. So we thought that on European Day of Languages, it would be quite fitting to show you how to order a coffee in ten different languages. So, here we go:


“Je voudrais un café, s’il vous plait.”

  • Coffee of choice: Espresso
  • Snack of choice: Croissant or pastry
  • Activity of choice: people watching and smoking cigarettes


“Haluaisin yhden kahvin, kiitos.”

  • Coffee of choice: Black filter coffee (and lots of it!)
  • Snack of choice: ‘Korvapuusti’ (slapped ears) – Cinnamon Buns
  • Activity of choice: catching up with friends


“Ich möchte einen Kaffee, bitte.”

  • Coffee of choice: Black coffee, drip filtered
  • Snack of choice: Stollen or Franzbrötchen (a small, sweet pastry baked with butter & cinnamon)
  • Activity of choice: ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ (get-together for a gossip over coffee and cake)


“Me gustaría un café, por favour.”

  • Coffee of choice: Café Solo (a small cup of strong, black espresso)
  • Snack of choice: Churros con Chocolate
  • Activity of choice: Kaffeeklatsch (get-together for a gossip over coffee and cake)


“Vorrei un caffè si, prega.”

  • Coffee of choice: Cappuccino (in the morning only, if you’re a true Italian!)
  • Snack of choice: Biscotti
  • Activity of choice: standing up al banco (at the bar), on-the-move


“Jag skulle vilja en kaffe, vänligen.”

  • Coffee of choice: Black coffee, drip filtered
  • Snack of choice: Cardamom Bun
  • Activity of choice: Fika! (Catching up with friends accompanied by pastries & sandwiches)


“Chcel by som jednu kávu, prosím.”

  • Coffee of choice: Espresso
  • Snack of choice: Makovnik (Poppy Seed Roll)
  • Activity of choice: meeting with friends


“Mig langar eitt kaffi, vinsamlegast.”

  • Coffee of choice: Latte (thanks to great Icelandic milk)
  • Snack of choice: Skyr (a greek yogurt/soft cheese dairy product which is eaten at anytime of the day)
  • Activity of choice: warming up & planning your next cup of coffee


“Chciałbym jedną kawę, proszę.”

  • Coffee of choice: Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso
  • Snack of choice: Paczki – Polish donuts
  • Activity of choice: meeting with friends

And one outside of Europe…


“E rite i kotahi kawhe, pai.”

  • Coffee of choice: Flat White (in today’s New Zealand)
  • Snack of choice: Lamingtons or Afghans
  • Activity of choice: Consume before skydiving/bungee jumping/white water rafting or basically anything adventurous

So there you have it, next time you’re in Spain, Sweden or Slovakia, you’ll know how to order your favourite beverage!