We Are Little’s & Dorset Cereals Become Official Partners

Maple Walnut - Dorset Cereals Collaboration

We are very happy to announce that we have just teamed up with the delicious Dorset Cereals as our official cereal partner! Yippee! As we are both based in the beautiful South West, we think it’s the perfect match!

So, what does it mean to be partners? Well, we’re not married or anything, but being official partners means that we like each other enough to spread the word for one another. We seem to like the same things and we both know what makes breakfast time a little more fun, so we thought why not go on this journey together? (Ok, maybe it does sound like we’re dating!) We have fuelled each other up with coffee and cereal at our head offices (we’re very happy about this) and we will also be collaborating on competitions to give all our awesome customers a chance to win a big, yummy bundle of goodies. Here are a couple of other reasons why we decided to hook up…

Swiss Chocolate Coffee Dorset Cereals Collaboration

Similar Visions

With a team of 130, Dorset cereals have been making cereals for a huge 27 years. They carefully blend fruit, nuts and seeds, whilst really focusing on the quality of their flakes to ensure their flavours are just right. Every step of the process is completed in Poundbury, west Dorset. Quality ingredients are key to both Dorset Cereals and We Are Little’s. It’s imperative to both of us that we give our customers the best tasting start to the day.

Sugar Conscious Clan

Like ourselves here at We Are Little’s, Dorset Cereals are also conscious of sugar. Our coffees are only 4 calories a cup and although your taste buds may say otherwise, there is no added sugar in any of them! We love that Dorset Cereals try to avoid adding sugar wherever they can and only add it in the mix if it helps preserve certain ingredients or bring out their intrinsic flavours. With us both being so aware of sugar, it means you can have a super healthy breakfast and not have to worry about any bad stuff being in your first and most important meal of the day. Whether it’s muesli, granola or porridge, a breakfast from Dorset Cereals is always a slow-burning source of energy to help you set off on the right foot. Together, we’ll be sure to help you nail the day ahead.

Which is our favourite Dorset Cereal?

One of the exciting flavours we have been eyeing up is Dorset Cereal’s Ultimate Adventures Machu Picchu muesli. It has delicious Brazil nuts, golden berries and a hint of coffee and if that doesn’t get your taste buds going, we don’t know what will! Dorset Cereal love to go on a foodie journey, travelling the world to track down exciting new tastes and textures in the Ultimate Adventures collection. This particular flavour was inspired by Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail with its South American-inspired mixture including dark chocolate and coffee.

Dorset Cerelas Machu Picchu Little's Coffee

Dorset Cereals are an honest, wholesome company that love living life to the full. Just like us, they have a wide variety of interesting products, so there is never a dull moment in the morning. We highly recommend you add this delicious breakfast staple to your morning routine!