Little’s Coffee Now Stocked in Harrods!

Ethiopian Premium Origin Instant Coffee

Hey there, folks! Guess what! We have some awesome news to share with you all… You will now be able to find our coffee in the infamous Harrods! We are super jazzed to be a part of this prestigious store and everything it stands for, sitting proudly on the shelves amongst some of the world’s most luxury and premium brands.

Harrods stock our coffee in their famous store in Knightsbridge as well as on their website for those of you who don’t frequent The Big Smoke. They stock our very own Ethiopian, Colombian and Italian Roast Premium Origin Instant Coffee, as well as our Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla and Rich Hazelnut Flavour Infused Coffee, so you have the choice of some delicious flavours and the freshly-designed Premium range.

Premium Single Origin Instant Coffee

If you haven’t tried these bad boys already, you need to! Our Premium Instant Coffee range is 100% Arabica coffee and single-origin, meaning each of the coffees are sourced from one place. ‘Single Origin’ is a term that isn’t widely spoken about in the instant coffee world but does really mean a lot when it comes to our Premium range.

Each origin has a unique natural flavour profile which is specific to its origin. With the Ethiopian, you will find fruity and zesty notes with a hint of chocolate. The Colombian, a lovely nutty taste with a good, clean acidity and lovely sweetness. And finally, the Italian Roast.  This coffee is roasted a bit darker than the others but with a rich body, it has an awesome a dark chocolate taste too.

Flavour Infused Instant Coffee

And to not leave out our flavour favourites… Harrods are also stocking three awesome flavoured instant coffees to help power you through the day which let you have a sweet treat but without the calories.

These little guys are made with the best quality Arabica coffee and are only 4 calories a cup when you drink them black (they taste even more awesome with a little milk and sugar). They’ll add a pep to your step in the morning when you realise you’re getting a quality coffee without having to spend 15 minutes weighing out beans and water… ‘cos nobody’s got time for that!

Head to to order today!