How to Sleep in the Heat – 10 Top Tips

Now, we’re not complaining about the weather, but trying to get a good night sleep during a heat wave can prove to be pretty tricky. We thought we’d put together a list of our top tips to help you get those important eight hours of kip, so you can nail the day ahead.


Use cotton bedding

Did you know that synthetic materials actually retain the heat? Cotton bedding is much more breathable, so you can cool down more easily.

And cotton PJs

Try out a cotton t-shirt instead, this will stop your sweat from staying on your skin and keeping you so hot (and we know it sounds weird, but it’s actually cooler than going naked)

The Fan & Ice Trick

Get a fan in your bedroom and try putting a bowl or roasting tray of ice in front of it so it blows cool air around the room.

Keep hydrated

This is always a bit of given, but drinking water will keep your body temperature lower. Keep a cool glass of water by your bed too.

Exercise in the morning

…Rather than the evening. This will stop your body getting too hot later in the day so you give your body the time it needs to cool down for sleep.

Keep your curtains & blinds closed in the day

to stop so much heat coming into your house or bedroom. Some people have even hung up wet sheets at their windows so the air that is entering the house is cooler.

Keep your feet cool

Did you know that having your feet cold makes a huge difference? Try hanging them outside of your sheets at night.

Switch off your plug sockets

Having so many electronics around us on standby can lead to a lot of unwanted heat, and you’ll save on your electricity bill too!

Ice your pressure points

This can cool your whole body temperature down. Why not try having a cool shower before bed to regulate your temperature?

Cut off caffeine at 2pm

Now we know you probably don’t want to hear this but having your last coffee at around 2pm should help you sleep better at night time. If you simply can’t stop at 2pm, why not try our decaf flavoured coffee range?

Put your bedding in the freezer

This sounds wacky and is a short-term fix, but worth it if you’re really struggling!

We hope these tips help you get your valuable forty winks. Our decaf range of flavoured coffee is just as tasty but without the caffeine. We use a special CO2 decaffeination process which is pretty technical but for you, it just means there’s no nasties or chemicals in your cuppa. Right on!