The Ultimate Guide To Recycling Your Used Jars

Our rebrand not only made our labels much more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, but it also meant we could make our jars 100% plastic-free. With a new lid made from 100% aluminium and a glass jar, the whole jar is now fully recyclable (yay!) Did you know, that unlike plastic, aluminium is infinitely recyclable? Recycling aluminium uses only around 5% of the energy and emissions needed to make it from the raw material initially. This, plus the fact it can be disposed of in your household waste makes it a brilliant material to work with and we’re so happy to have made the switch.

Even though our cute little jars are recyclable, you can reduce your carbon footprint even further by extending their life and reusing them for something else before they get sent for recycling. Simply wash out the jar, remove the label using some hot soapy water and get creative giving your jar a new lease of life.

We’ve put together some fun ways to reuse your Little’s coffee jars…again, and again below, and read our Christmas edition, here!

Desk Tidy

Laptop office desk with coffee and magazine

No more messy desks! Our little jars are the perfect height for keeping pens, pencils, rulers and scissors tidied up in one place. Try out different colours and styles with matte paint. They also make great holders for makeup brushes and small kitchen utensils.

Everyday Storage

Reuse jars pantry storage in kilner jars

Heading to the zero-waste shop? Take a few empty Little’s jars to store bulk items like seeds, nuts, loose leaf tea, olive oil and even shampoo! Store them neatly in your cupboard or pantry with a label so you know what to fill up on when they run out.

Small Planters

Reusing kilner jars for plant pot

Time to put your green fingers to the test. Why not try planting herbs like basil and parsley for the kitchen shelf or you can grow some mini succulents and crawling plants to inject life and colour into little spaces in your home.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights in jars for outdoor lighting wedding

Twist fairy lights up in the jar to place around your garden or balcony and illuminate it at night. You can glue the battery pack to the base of the lid to hide it away. Make a cluster of jars for an even more impressive display or add a hook to the lid and hang off tree branches.
If you don’t have any empty jars yet to use, stock up on our flavoured instant coffee here.



  • Mie says:

    Your new jars look so cute. I have already collected several which I’m using to store lots of different things in. They are excellent storage containers and stylish with the new lid. Thank you
    Mie McLaughlin

    • Will Little says:

      Hi Mie, thanks so much, they’re super cute aren’t they! Great to hear you’re finding other uses for them. Even more snazzy with the silver lid too! Thanks 🙂 Team Little’s 🙂