Father’s Day Gift Guide

We know Dads are tricky to buy for when it comes to Father’s Day, but don’t sweat, we’ve got your back. We’ve gathered the swellest gifts around to knock the usual socks and a few beers off the list for this year. Here’s a few quirky ideas for all those Dads out there…

For the Active Dad

Dads and cycling go pretty much go hand-in-hand, so if your dad loves his bike and hitting the open road, then maybe these ideas could be for him.

1. ‘Epic Bike Rides of the World’: With tonnes of cycle path suggestions across the world, this book could be the thing to inspire your Dad to go on his next cycling adventure!

2. Chapeau: Think your Dad’s cycling gear is getting a bit tired? Our friends at Chapeau make some epic cycling gear and he’ll be looking rad in no time. These guys really know how to do cool.

3. Single Origin Italian Roast: Our Premium Origin Instant Coffee is the perfect pre-workout drink. If your Dad is off on a cycle for a few hours, make him a cup of our Italian Roast to fuel him up for the big ride ahead.

4. Indoor Bike Rack: If your Dad is a bit short of space around the house or in the garage, then this wall mount will be his saving grace! It’s a great way of getting his bike off the ground and is an efficient use of space.Fathers Day Gift Guide Active Dad

For the Outdoorsy & Adventurous Dad

If your Dad loves being outdoors and feeling at one with nature, these gifts will be first on his packing list for his next pursuit.

1. Dry Bag: Dry bags are a super handy thing to have in the garage when the adventure craving strikes. They’re awesome for taking out with you kayaking, surfing or sailing to keep your kit dry. You can even use it as a pillow, a float or as a beach bag.

2. Wooden Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a staple part of your attire when it comes to being out and about. Whether it’s snowy mountains, coastal walks or out on the river, these wooden sunglasses are an essential bit of kit for any outdoorsy Dads.

3. Drinks Bottle: Chilly Bottles keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, so whether he’s taking a coffee camping or wants a refreshing cold drink at the top of that mountain, then this is the perfect gift.

4. Maple Walnut Infused Coffee: Taking a jar of our Maple Walnut infused coffee is key to any camping trip or any adventure for that matter! With it’s delicious natural flavours, this’ll make you want to go outside if you’re not already!

5. Waterproof Jacket: Now, we know this is a little bit up there on the price list, but if your Dad loves to look the part, then Finisterre is the brand for him. This jacket is light, fully waterproof and 100% recycled.Father's Day Gift Guide Outdoorsy Dad Adventure dad

For the Techy Dad

Dads tend to have a love for techy bits and pieces. If gadgets and the latest tech equipment are your dad’s favourites, then listen up!

1. Fitness Tracker: Now this bit of kit is fab for pushing yourself to achieve your goals. Fitness trackers have loads of features nowadays and make you want to do better than you did yesterday, so if your dad does like a bit of exercise or wants to get back in shape, then this could be a great step in the right direction!

2. Wireless Speaker: This little guy is awesome for working outside, hanging on the beach or having a barbecue in the garden. A wireless speaker is always a great present for your music loving Dad.

3. Single Origin Ethiopian: Our Premium Origin Ethiopian coffee is a great pre-workout, especially when he’s got to beat his PB on his fitness tracker. Read our blog post about how coffee can help during exercise.

4. VR Head Set: Virtual Reality (VR) has gotten pretty popular nowadays and is getting good too! This VR Headset could be a cracking pressie for your Dad if he’s looking for something different to the usual video games.

Father's Day Gift Guide Tech Dad

For the Crafty Dad

Craft beer is getting more and more popular nowadays, so if your Dad likes a drink or two on the weekend, then check these ideas out!

1. Brewery Tour: If your Dad likes getting out and about at the weekend, then a Brewery Tour will be a great gift. There is so much to learn about brewing beer and the history behind it, plus, you get to hang out with your awesome Dad at the same time.

2. Craft Beer Kit: How about this Brew Dog Craft Beer Kit? What’s better than not having to leave the house to grab a beer?!

3. Cooler bag: Beers on the beach is a pretty cool way to spend a sunny day, so why not get your Dad this awesome cooler bag rucksack and take him to the beach?

4. Little Tipples: This gift set has three jars of infused coffee which is perfect for a Dad that has a taste for booze, but don’t worry, it’s alcohol free, so he can indulge at any time of the day!

Father's Day Gift Guide Crafty Dad

Peace out!