Is the coffee roasted light or dark?

Both the ground coffee and instant coffee we use for all our flavour infused coffees are roasted to a light-medium roast. We find this creates the perfect base for our flavours while being balanced, smooth, and sweet, without any bitter or burnt notes.

What country is Little’s coffee from?

The instant coffee base we use for all our flavour infused coffees is an Arabica blend from South America and Asia. The coffee for our flavour infused ground coffee comes from Honduras.

Is Little’s coffee Fairtrade?

Our coffees aren’t Fairtrade certified. We are proud to have our own ethical trading policy that we adhere to and we demand our suppliers to operate to these same standards. We carefully select who we buy coffee from to ensure farmers are paid a fair price and that you, our customer, gets the best quality coffee.

Please find a copy of our ethical trading policy here.

What does ‘natural flavourings’ mean?

The natural flavours we use are extracts from the named fruit, or nut, etc. For example, with our Chocolate Orange flavour, this is made using a combination of natural orange and natural cocoa extracts.

What do you mean by ‘flavourings’ on your ingredients list?

All the flavours we use originate from natural sources. However, to call something a natural flavour, 95% or more of it needs to originate from the named fruit, nut, etc. However, quite often it’s possible to take something from the natural world that tastes like something else. For example, carob bean extract can be used to create the same flavour as maple syrup. However, by law, we wouldn’t be able to call that flavouring “100% natural maple flavour”. In cases such as this, we simply use the term “flavourings”. We don’t use any artificial flavourings in our products.

Is Little’s coffee gluten free?

Yes, Little’s coffee is gluten-free.

Is Little’s coffee vegan-friendly?

Yes, Little’s coffee is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Despite some flavours being cream or chocolate, there are no animal products in any of our coffees.

Does Little’s coffee contain any allergens?

No, Little’s coffee does not contain any allergens.

Can Little’s coffee help me lose weight?

Our coffees are perfect for anyone trying to lose weight as they only contain 4 calories per cup (with no milk and sugar of course), which is a massive difference compared to your average high-street flavoured coffee coming in at 30 calories per cup! Our coffees have no added sugars and no artificial flavours, it really can be your secret weapon.

How much instant coffee should I use?

We recommend adding 2g (one teaspoon) of coffee granules per cup (200ml water), and you can adjust this to taste if you prefer it stronger or weaker. Read more on our ground coffee brew guide here.

How do I brew your ground coffee?

The easiest brew method is a cafetiere, or French Press. We recommend 12g of ground coffee per cup (200ml water). Add your coffee and pour over with water that’s just off the boil. Never use boiling water – it’s too hot and will make your coffee taste bitter. The optimum water temperature is 94 degrees Celsius. Leave the coffee to brew for four minutes with the top on. Once the time is up, remove the top and give the coffee a little stir. Pop the top back on and plunge really gently. Serve all the coffee immediately and avoid leaving a bit in the cafetiere as this will continue to brew and will go bitter and horrible. Wanna get fancy? Have an experiment to see what brew time and water temperature does, as these will both affect the taste of your coffee. Read more on our ground coffee brew guide here.

How do you decaffeinate the coffee?

Our decaf coffee is decaffeinated using the carbon dioxide (CO2) method. In this method the coffee is mixed with pure water which is absorbed by the coffee to open up its pores and mobilize the caffeine. At this point CO2 is added which along with pressure creates sparkling water, the CO2 acts like a magnet and attracts the caffeine to remove it from the coffee. The coffee is then dried naturally, and the CO2 and caffeine are recycled for other uses. This is a really effective way of removing the caffeine without the need for nasty chemicals, and it doesn’t affect the all-important flavour and smell of the coffee.

Can I recycle the jars and lids?

Yes, our glass jar, lid and even the freshness seal are all recyclable in your normal household recycling. Some people like to give their jars another life before recycling; you can use it as a small vase, a pencil pot or for growing herbs, or for a clever pantry storage jar.

Is Little’s coffee Kosher certified?

Unfortunately, our coffees are no longer kosher certified, the cost of being part of the Kosher certification outweighed the demand by our customers.

Why don’t you deliver to my country?

If you can’t find your country as an option to deliver to, it may be because we work with an exclusive distributor who sells our coffee in your country. Please contact us and we can direct you to the right place.

Where do you export your coffee?

We export our coffee to the following countries: Hungary, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Dubai, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Korea, Japan, Russia, Finland, Germany, Cyprus, and Czech Republic. If you are looking to buy Little’s in any of these countries, please contact us and we can direct you to the right place.