Dry January

January sucks. It really does. As an aspirational brand we should be filling these pages with positive and motivational thoughts, but we just can’t do it. I blame January. It’s grey and miserable; either flooding or freezing, or both. Don’t get me wrong I love our new Little’s HQ, but if like us you work in a windowless office you’ve pretty much forgotten what daylight looks like. Bank account is a disaster (yeah, you really did spend THAT much over Christmas)! And then there is dry January. If there is one thing which could take the edge off the bleakness and misery it would be nice glass of wine or a beer after work. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to sit in a circle with strangers and say “my name is Will and I have a problem”, but I do enjoy a little tipple every now and then, but alas January has even ruined that.

Luckily January is almost over, but how have I got through it? Well, in general my coffee consumption has gone through the roof since Christmas. Not only does it keep me warm, it’s also a little pick me up at the bleakest points in the day. I’m finding myself going for our boozy flavours (surprise surprise!) and at the moment Amaretto is really hitting the spot. It was Amaretto that changed New Years eve from pleasant-fancy-dress-party-with-friends to outrageous-dance-floor-twerking-to-80’s-hip-hop-while-spraying-champagne-on-the-DJ.

Over the years Amaretto and I have had a contentious relationship. I mean, I like it, but it gets me into trouble. A lot. Funny how now, in bleakest, darkest January it’s getting me OUT of trouble.

So what is Amaretto and how do we make coffee that tastes of it? Amaretto is basically just almond liqueur so to make our Amaretto infused coffee we infuse our 100% Arabica coffee with natural almond extract, made from Californian almonds, of course. Unlike Disaronno et al, our coffee isn’t sweetened so you can choose how sweet to make it. The great thing is that I really like our Amaretto coffee black without sugar, so I can even earn browny points with my other New Years resolution which was to be more healthy, or whatever.

Goodness knows what will happen on February 1st when I have my first drink for a month (yeah, I know February 1st is a Monday, so what?). I’ll probably be on the floor after one beer. Never the less dry January has been a good thing and has reassured me that I don’t “need” to drink. I must admit our coffees have helped me get through it.

For more information about Dry January please visit: www.dryjanuary.org.uk