Dalgona Coffee

What actually is Dalgona Coffee?

That’s what we were asking last week when we suddenly started seeing it EVERYWHERE! Originating in South Korea, it’s the latest trend that is breaking the internet. We decided to see what all the fuss was about and gave it a whirl. Aside from being very instagrammable it also tastes pretty great! Our Island Coconut Coffee worked especially well 👌🏽🥥

Give it a try! And of course tag us on instgram @wearelittles with your frothy creations.





2 x Tbsp Little’s Coconut Instant Coffee

2 x Tbsp Sugar

2 x Tbsp Boiling Water

Milk (Oat or Normal)

Ice Cubes



1. Spoon your coffee, water and sugar into a small mixing bowl.

2. Using a whisk (electric or hand) whip the mixture until it becomes light and frothy. We actually used a hand milk frother and that created the same effect! A hand whisk will of course take awhile longer.

3. Pour your milk into a glass of ice cubes.

4. Pour/spoon your frothed coffee mixture over the milk and it will sit separately. Enjoy!