Mix & Match Premium Instant

Mix & Match Premium Instant
Premium Instant Coffee Box - 6 x 100g Jars

Mix and match six Premium Instant Coffees ✨

Great for the office, the uni house, the kitchen cupboard or for the workplace. Convenient just got tasty! In 100% plastic free, recyclable packaging, you can have a delicious cup of coffee and do your bit for the planet at the same time.


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This excelso-grade coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia comes packed with naturally distinct hazelnut flavour. Thanks to the high growing altitude the coffee has a really good, clean acidity and a lovely sweetness. Serve with milk to enjoy the creamy nutty notes or serve black to experience this coffee's clean finish. This jar contains 50 servings. 


Freeze-dried Arabica coffee

Italian Rich Roast

This is a blend of premium beans which combine to create a rich Italian-style coffee. Roasted a little darker than the other premium instant coffees in our range, but without any burnt or smoky notes, of course. Expect a full and rich body with a dark chocolate flavour and surprisingly good balance. Enjoy with biscotti and a small glass of sparkling water for a true Italian experience. This jar contains 50 servings. 


Freeze-dried Arabica Coffee

Brazil Decaf

Our Brazilian Arabica coffee has been gently decaffeinated using CO2, preserving all its intrinsic flavour but removing virtually all of the caffeine.

Decaf doesn't have to be boring - expect a surprisingly rich and smooth coffee with a mild nutty flavour. A delicious decaf coffee to enjoy as the evening rolls in. This jar contains around 50 servings. 


Freeze-dried Arabica coffee

These beans originate from the birthplace of coffee – the Djimma zone in western Ethiopia. Expect a sweet coffee with a fruity and zesty character and a hint of chocolate on the finish. The perfect bright and exciting coffee to get you going in the morning. We recommend drinking this one black to experience its zesty character to full effect. This jar contains 50 servings.


Freeze-dried Arabica coffee
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No added sugar

100% Arabica Coffee

Lactose & gluten free

Vegan friendly

Only 4 calories a cup

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