Coffee & Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

The sun seems to have decided to show up this summer so we have hooked up with the brilliant Oppo Ice Cream to bring you an extravagant chocolate AND coffee milkshake recipe. We love working with Oppo because not only do they create the most delicious ice cream, they are also super low in calories, sugar […]

Espresso Tonic – A Refreshing Summer Coffee Recipe

When the sun is shining and you’re in need of a refreshing energy boost, why not hold the iced coffee for a change and try an Espresso Tonic instead? If you’ve never tried it, you may be thinking exactly what we did – that it’s never going to work. But trust us, a shot of […]

Honeywell Biscuit Company Freakshake Recipe Featuring Little’s Coffee

To celebrate Biscuit Day we’ve teamed up with the incredibly talented Honeywell Biscuit Company who have created an insane freakshake recipe with our Chocolate Orange Infused Instant Coffee. It might not be the healthiest of recipes but we definitely think it’s worth the calories! Happy Biscuit Day everyone! 🍪🍪🍪 Ingredients 2 x Tsp Little’s Chocolate Orange Coffee […]

Little’s Swiss Choc Energy Balls

As you know Little’s are heading to Balance Festival this weekend so in preparation we thought we might try out some healthy coffee recipes. We have created a recipe using our Swiss Choc Instant Coffee to hopefully give you that boost of energy you might need pre-workout or even mid afternoon when those eyelids are starting to […]

Little’s Choc Chai Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Little’s are heading to Balance Festival this weekend so in preparation we thought we might try out some healthy coffee recipes. Where better to start than with our Choc Chai smoothie bowl. A fab way to start the morning, essentially a smoothie but with the added bonus of delicious toppings. We’ve packed ours full of protein […]

Little’s Vanilla Espresso Martini Recipe

It’s Friday, and it’s pay day so it seems like a suitable occasion to get the cocktail shaker out, grab your pals and get shaking.  This espresso martini is made using our French Vanilla infused coffee and it is super easy to make at home. Hold the sickly sweet vanilla syrup that’s usually poured into […]

Chocolate Orange Coffee Easter Nests

You know Easter is here when you see these arriving in the kitchen at work. These little Easter nests are a real treat and we’ve given them a Little’s twist with our Chocolate Orange coffee. Give them a try using our super quick recipe below… Ingredients (makes 12) 100g milk chocolate 100g dark chocolate 50g […]