Lessons on Coffee

How to brew a French press or cafetiere

The good old French Press, or cafetiére, as some people like to call it, is a classic way to enjoy our infused ground coffee. This method has been used across Europe since it was first designed in 1852, but we know a few secret tips that will help you nail it. Our favourite coffee to […]

Caffeine & Pregnancy: What’s the crack?

Pregnancy can be a beautiful but confusing journey with so many ‘dos and don’ts’ on what to eat, drink and do. To make it a little less daunting, we’ve done some digging around to give you the latest lowdown on caffeine and pregnancy, with some top tips and alternatives to beat that caffeine craving when […]

UK Coffee Week: Facts About Water & Coffee

📸:ukcoffeeweek.com It’s UK Coffee Week, folks! Not heard of it? Well, UK Coffee Week is a national celebration of coffee which helps raise funds for the communities that grow it for all us coffee drinkers! 100% of donations made during the week are given to Project Waterfall, the charity who help bring clean drinking water […]

How to Brew Instant Coffee Like a Boss

Now you may think that after all these years you have nailed how to make a damn tasty cuppa, but there are a few small things you can do to make your coffee even more tasty. Below are some tips for brewing a kick-ass instant coffee, or skip straight to the method. Pre-Heating First things […]

10 Ways Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

Coffee is used by people all over the world as a key part of their weight loss strategy. Caffeine is present in almost every single dieting or weight loss product going. But why? Can caffeine really help you reach your weight loss goals? Can it really help you shed the pounds? Here are 10 ways […]