Cardamom Bun Vegan Iced Coffee Recipe

Cardamom Bun Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced coffee is always the go-to drink on a hot summer’s day, but ordering one from a high-street coffee shop can not only burn a hole in your wallet, but also rocket your sugar intake well out of the safety zone. We’ve come up with a delicious recipe with our very own Cardamom Bun Infused Coffee that you can make yourself at home! Transport yourself to summer in Stockholm with this creamy and smooth Scandi favourite.

You can use any of our flavoured instant coffees in this super simple recipe. We’ve used oat milk to make it vegan-friendly, but it also tasted banging with any other plant-based or dairy milk.


(This makes a lot of iced coffee, so you can store the rest in the fridge for when your next craving strikes!)

16g Cardamom Bun Infused Coffee granules

120ml boiling water

1 litre Oat Milk (we’ve used Minor Figures)

6 tsp Agave Syrup

Approx. 15 Ice cubes


Start by dissolving the coffee granules in a jug with 120ml of boiling water, add this and the oat milk to your blender. Chuck in the rest of the ingredients, whizz it all up and voila, you are ready to drink your tasty Iced Coffee!

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