13 Weight Loss Tips from Our Instagram Community

Now that summer has officially arrived, many people are working hard to get ‘bikini body ready’. So, we wanted to give you guys some motivational weight loss tips to help you along your weight loss journey. And we thought, who better to ask than our very own, super knowledgeable Instagram community!?

Here are 13 weight loss tips, categorised under four overarching categories which came from the responses. These weight loss tips are from our followers who are currently on, or have been through, their very own transformation journey. Hey, why not give these geniuses a follow too? I mean, they really know what they’re talking about!

Variety Is The Spice of Life

swkezza - weight loss tipsswkezza

“Have treats every now and again to give your body a bit of a kick start, works for me! I’ve been a Slimming World target member a year next week, best thing I ever did. Make sure you have loads of herbs and spices in the cupboards. I’ve never used so many different flavours.”

this time i've done it - weight loss tipsthis_time_ive_done_it

“Always enjoy the journey, keep it exciting, try new ideas and products, take photos along the entire journey to compare. If you fall, remind yourself you’re human, pick yourself up and just carry on because you’re worth it.”

swfeebs - weight loss tipsswfeebs

“Variety is the spice of life!! Keep it varied and interesting, try new ideas, recipes etc – get bored and lose interest/get complacent! Not sure if this is “the” most important, but it’s one of mine!”

sw_sloanercage - weight loss tipssw_sloanercage

“Stay positive and keep up the good work! Totally agree with @swfeebs you DEF need to mix it up! I’m not at target yet but at the minute, I’m losing way more inches on my body than pounds. Can be disheartening when you look at the scales, but if I stay positive, it all works out in the end! xx”


“Variety is key. Don’t get bogged down eating the same menu day in, day out. Experiment with food, step outside your comfort zone. Stay hydrated, keep a food diary to keep you in check and, most importantly, take a few moments when you wake each morning to think about how far you’ve come and look forward to enjoying your day feeling better than you’ve ever felt before!”

Don’t Give Up

kezza_swkezza_sw - weight loss tips

“Believe in the plan & yourself and most importantly, don’t give up!”



daniellespics_sw - weight loss tipsdaniellespics_sw

“Don’t give up! Some weeks you don’t lose as much as you would like, some days you go completely off plan, but the main thing is to keep going and not give up, little changes all add up to make a big difference. Plan what you are going to have to eat where possible and always have plenty of healthy choices to hand – fruit, low syn snacks, yogurts etc to stop you grabbing something else. Be proud of your journey and look at progress pics to keep yourself motivated.”

Plan Ahead

clean_living_em - weight loss tipsclean_living_em

“I just love how it makes me feel! I have so much more energy, sleep better and feel better when I eat well and exercise. I still have treats, but a few days of indulgence makes me feel bloated and not nice so keeps me motivated to get back to great food!

Mixing things up with new recipes and new food is key and also with your workout plan, changing it every 6-8 weeks is so important!

I have planned throughout my whole weight loss journey and still today I plan meals! Keeping a food diary is key when you are losing too! Most importantly, believe in yourself and know it takes time, it won’t happen over night. 4 weeks for you to see changes, 6 weeks for friends and family, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world so keep going and don’t give up!”

shedding_the_ibs_with_sw - weight loss tipsshedding_the_lbs_with_sw

“I agree with everything mentioned above, but one of the main things for me is planning the week ahead. If I get home from work and haven’t got an idea of what’s for tea, then that’s when I’m most likely to fail and eat something I shouldn’t!”

kerrye_sw - weight loss tips

“Plan your food up until you go shopping next. You stick to plan and don’t cheat! Also add speed veg with all meals.”



sunsetsandbuttercups - weight loss tipssunsetsandbuttercups

“Water is your best friend, and keeping a food diary makes you think more about what you’re eating and makes you aware of the syns you’re using instead of guessing.”


therach_sw - weight loss tipstherach_sw

“Believe in the plan and don’t focus on the final goal, set mini targets and appreciate every step you take along the journey, celebrate every achievement and milestone, be proud of every good choice and every success. It’s far more motivating than beating yourself up for not being ‘there’ yet!”

mchan721 - weight loss tipsmchan721

“Positive vibes, even after you get down on yourself. A salad doesn’t make you skinny tomorrow just like a quesadilla extra guac doesn’t make you fat overnight. Each good decision moving forward is getting you closer to your goal!”

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