10 Top Tips for Getting Through Dry January

So here we are. The one month of the year where we all double-check that we have a healthy relationship with alcohol: Dry January. Can we last 31 days without a drop of the party juice? On New Year’s Day we could probably have all said ‘yes’, but in week three, things are starting to look a little more testing. To pull you through the final leg, we’ve put together ten top tips for getting you through Dry January.

  1. Have a positive mindset

The way you approach this month will be vital to your success. If you feel like it’s going to be awful, it probably will be. Write a list of all the positives to look forward to in your sober month – a few of which are listed below – stick it on your fridge and remind yourself why you’re doing this.

  1. Tell everyone. We mean everyone.

The more people you tell that you’re not drinking in January, the more likely it is you’ll stick to your goal. No one wants to be a failure after all.

  1. Don’t hibernate

However tempting it is to shut the curtains and stay in bed binge-watching FRIENDS from Series 1 with a Wagamama’s takeout, hiding away from friends and social situations isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. Use your new-found hangover-free weekends to get out and about and seize the mornings. Why not head to that brunch spot you’ve been meaning to get to? Or finally, do your first Park Run?

  1. Feel smug about all the calories you’ll be saving

A 250ml glass of wine contains 228 calories, that’s roughly equivalent to a standard sized Cadbury Dairy Milk. So, if you’re having a few or several glasses of wine, that’s the same calories as the same number of Dairy Milk bars. You can choose what treat you’re going to have instead now that you’re saving hundreds of calories!

  1. Explore other tasty drinks

When you’re not drinking your usual Pornstar Martini, Prosecco or Aperol Spritz, your taste buds will be crying out for something delicious. Healthy detox juices and mocktails are a great way to nourish your body whilst also getting the flavour your mouth is craving. Our range of boozy flavoured instant coffees are also perfect for Dry January. With Irish Cream, Havana Rum and Café Amaretto, you can enjoy the taste of the good stuff – without the booze, sugar, calories or headache. Yay!

  1. Think about the sugar save

Alcohol packs in a shocking amount of sugar, as explained by this article in The Telegraph. Our reliance on sugar is increasingly being blamed for the UK’s obesity problems and has been linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Read more about alcohol and sugar.

  1. Hang out with other sober friends

Be in it together. Gather your mates who are also doing Dry January and do things together – bar the booze. Go for a walk, head to the museums, check out the new pop-up you’ve been meaning to visit. See what new things you enjoy when you don’t drink.

  1. Count your pennies and treat yo’self

Hard graft needs rewarding. And not drinking is hard graft. Yep. So now, with all the money you’ve saved on booze, you can treat yo’self on that new dress you’ve been eyeing up. *Opens ASOS app*

  1. Bask in your healthy zen state

Alcohol has been linked to many health problems including various types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and high blood pressure, so cutting down is going to have a profound effect on your health. If you’re struggling to make it through the last week – just think how much your body will be thanking you right now.

  1. Reward your sober month

Now, we’re not saying that Feb 1st should be a huge booze binge, but we’re big believers that you need to celebrate and reward yourself where it’s due. Book yourself in for a massage, get your nails done, book a table somewhere nice and give yourself a big pat on the back that YOU DID IT. Looking forward to something at the end will help pull you through.

We hope you’ve found our Dry January tips useful. Let us know if you made it through. We commend you!